Carrissa Renteria



Cosmic Optimism Creator/Producer/Host YouTube
All My Children Recurring ABC Network; NYC
Los Gringos Supporting Breakwell Pictures
Mariposa Supporting Columbia University
Moving in with Esther Lead 119 Productions


The Groundlings Guy Stevenson, Jeff Galante, David Jahn Los Angeles, CA
Scene Study Master Class Larry Moss Los Angeles, CA
Scene Study Aaron McPherson Los Angeles, CA
Master Scene Study Deb Aquila & John Hindman Los Angeles, CA
Alexander Technique Kristof Konrad & Jean-Louis Rodrigue Los Angeles, CA
Audition Technique Jack Plotnick Los Angeles, CA
Audition Technique Marci Liroff Los Angeles, CA
Audition Technique Margie Haber Los Angeles, CA
TV Hosting Marki Costello Los Angeles, CA
Meisner Technique (2 Year Program) Maggie Flanigan & Charlie Sandlan New York, NY
Meisner Technique (Summer Program) Bill Esper New York, NY
Stella Adler - Advanced Scene Study Jon Korkes New York, NY
Stella Adler Studio (Summer Program) Betsy Parrish, Joanne Edelmann, Alice Saltzman New York, NY
On-Camera Technique Susan Batson New York, NY
Monologues & Cold Reading Karen Kohlhaas New York, NY
Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre - West African Dance Vado Diomande New York, NY


The 53rd Annual Drama Desk Awards Stagehand Randie Levine-Miller/Drama Desk Awards


The University of Texas at El Paso Bachelor of Arts (Honors)

Special Skills

Bilingual (English/Spanish), Dance (Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, West African Dance), Yoga, Roller Skating, Hoola Hoop, Stage Combat (hand to hand; rapier)
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